About Luniquer
New 2021

We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Wholesalers of Women Non-traditional Kaftan.

Kaftan is called with a different name in many countries (Spain, France, And the USA). So we can also choose kaftan by country. The Luniquer kaftan improved and re-created by our designers has a better wearing effect and a more fashionable appearance.

A Caftan is a robe or Tunic, Version of which has been worn by several cultures worldwide. Our kaftan chooses skin-friendly and friendly fabrics, which are more three-dimensional and show a woman's figure. Large quantities of fabrics are digitally printed to produce different styles of the kaftan.

We have the ability to respond quickly to large orders and fast-paced markets, with Worldwide Shipping from our online retail website. Our sales team can provide services in four languages (English, Spanish, French and Arabic) to help you quickly understand our products and purchasing cooperation.

Strong point of Luniquer products.


High-quality materials

Very light and airy, but not see-through! Great for summer weather. Stay cool and look good whether over shorts or a long skirt.

Full fit Comfy

Chest not tight, Excelled as full around the waist -a nice fit for those with a larger belly

Easy to wash

Color is a variety of options, the material and the look of this shirt are adorable and so easy to wash!

Great for travel

it was perfect for the hot weather and packed exceptionally well without wrinkles

What's your Occasions

Beach Vacation Workday Weekends

fresh &
new summer

The best feeling in the world is when you know your heart is smiling.
The best kind of travel experience is being deeply moved in an unfamiliar place.

How to place your order?

Luniquer.com is an online showroom for Kaftan and summer dresses. You are able to see all new models and place your order.

For now, we are able to receive B2B business order, about the retail project we are working on it. Later the retail links will add to the website. Please keep following our news.
Let's take a tour to show you how to place an order through luniquer.com.