Delivery Options

We are available to delivery your order by Air / By sea.

What's the best way to get my order?

Good question, As we post on the above block, for small sample orders we can send by air.
For the large orders we will send it by sea. Always doubel-cheak with us before arrange the delivery would be better.
For more details find your answer downside:
Shipping Guide

By Sea

1. In large orders (above 10 CBMs), we are suggesting to send goods by sea.

2. If you have your own shipping agent in China, Please provide them address. We can arrange the delivery to them direct.
Shipping Guide

By air

1. For the samples or testing orders, we suggest you to send by air.

2. For some new items in small quantity, we can arrange to send by air.

Questions about Sea freight

1What's the cost to send by sea?
Before we ship your orders, will check the cost and offer the price (per CBM) to you. For some countries we are not suggest to send by LCL, because of the destination port fee is unreasonable. For more details we will discuess to get the good options for you.
2How long it takes to arrive to me?
About this question we will give you the answer before we book the contianer or space for you. As usual, by sea it takes 7 - 10 days to Asian countries, 30 - 50 days to Middle Eastern countries and Europe.

Questions about Air Express

1How much to send goods by air?
The express price in 2020-2021 is high to send by air because of the Covid-19. We will check with our agent after get your delivery details and give you the answer.
2How long it takes to arrive to me by air?
As usual, by sea it takes 5 - 7 days to Asian countries, 10 - 15 days to Middle Eastern countries and Europe.